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I own Celtic Construction and C.

Chandler Contracting - we are the largest residential and commercial builders in NorthEast BC. In 2013, I was focusing mainly on commercial development, but I kept hearing Mitch's name pop up everywhere in town. He was from Fort St. John but had started working in our town, and was making a very big impression and a name for himself. One day, my phone rang and it was Mitch. He asked for a meeting - when he came in, he told me that he had a lot of clients looking for a particular type of property but that there was not enough existing inventory around. He gave me a clear list of exactly what he needed and at what price point, and we put a deal together. Before I ever put a machine on site, Mitch had secured firm sales with deposits on 12 properties for me, including a couple that he even bought for himself. This is unheard of in Dawson Creek - I enjoyed working with Mitch so much that we even started building with him in Fort St. John. Mitch is top notch, and there is a reason he has been the #1 Realtor in BC numerous times even in small markets like ours. I'm sure we will be doing more business again!

Carl Chandler - C. Chandler Contracting (Celtic Homes Ltd)

I have worked with Mitch Collins since 2013, and since then we have built over 100 units together.

Mitch is not your typical agent – he has been involved with design and planning of the homes we have built, and then he went out personally to markets across Canada and sold nearly all of our listings himself personally! Mitch’s background in real estate investment coupled with his ability to creatively put deals together make him the top agent I’ve ever worked with in over 30 years in construction.

Walter Allen - Walter Allen Contracting Ltd

I've known Mitch for almost 10 years - we travel in a lot of the same real estate investment circles.

When he became a Realtor in Fort St John (40 minutes from my town of Dawson Creek BC), I was excited because out region finally had a professional real estate investment specific Realtor. Around 2013, Mitch started picking off some deals in out town, and by the end of 2013 his name was everywhere, he was the top selling agent in our town in both 2013 and 2014, and he didn't even live there! As a builder and an investor with over 100 properties in our holding portfolio, I would call Mitch when I wanted to sell a property. His network of buyers is completely unmatched, and his experience and background make him uniquely capable of getting almost any kind of deal wrapped up. I consider Mitch a good friend and if you need a deal put together, Mitch is the man to call. Doug Scott Real Flow Investments Inc

Doug Scott (Real Flow Investments Inc) - Dawson Creek, BC - REIN Member

If you want to invest in real estate in the Fort St.

John region, Mitch Collins is your guy. He is the local expert. I didn’t own any investment real estate before I met Mitch 2 years ago. Now I own 20 doors in the Peace River area. All with substantial positive cash flow. Mitch walks his talk. He is a REIN member and owns many properties himself. If he recommends a property... you can be sure it’s a good one. Mitch has a way of working the deal and getting things done. If you’re ready to take action, give Mitch a call.

Matt Boser - Maple Ridge BC - REIN Member

TO: ANYONE SEEKING THE SERVICES OF A REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL Over the past several years I’ve had the pleasure of doing a substantial amount of business with Mitch Collins and the crew that supports him.

In the majority of the transactions Mitch has represented my interests as the seller, and the interests of those buying lots or houses from my company. Three qualities have stood out in every transaction: MARKET KNOWLEDGE, RELIABILITY, and INTEGRITY. Mitch’s vast knowledge of current market conditions is of great assistance in making prudent buying and selling decisions. When he embarks on a project Mitch is not only 100% reliable, he is 100% committed to protecting the interests of everyone involved. This results in the parties having confidence to be involved in multiple transactions knowing their interests are in capable hands. Whether it is a single transaction, or a multi-phase residential or commercial project, I have no hesitation in recommending Mitch Collins.

Allen Parker - Developer of Energy Park Subdivision Fort St John

In the past 6.

5 years, my husband and I have purchased 4 properties. As you can imagine we have had to deal with a number of different realtors. Every time we bought or sold, the experience was always stressful and something major usually went wrong. With a great deal of reluctance we decided to give Mitch Collins a try. We are very happy we did. He was great!!! Both the selling and buying process were stress free. He kept in contact always letting us know what was happening. He was easy to get a hold of, returned out phone calls promptly and he helped us find a house that we LOVE! He had a lot of information that was really useful, and informed us of things we were unaware of. Overall he is the only realtor that my husband and I would personally recommand.

Jennifer and Mike Stadler - Fort St John, BC

I've been building homes in Fort St.

John for years, and I usually sell them myself. I started seeing Mitch's signs across town and decided to give him a call to market one of my new projects. He did a great job, and found us a buyer. Then he sold a couple more for me, and approached me and asked me if I would build properties under a certain specification for clients of his looking for quality homes that created strong cash flow. Over the next 3 years, Mitch personally listed and sold over 40 units of mine all by himself! His expertise in the new construction market and in getting deals done is second to none. I highly recommend Mitch as a Realtor and know you'll do the same once you work with him!

Randy Wagner - Heartbeat Homes Ltd

I met with Mitch Collins in 2014 in Fort St.

John. I was conducting due diligence on behalf of myself and my partners for a large development which we ultimately purchased, Mitch was instrumental in helping decide land use and zoning. He also made a strong case to conduct the presale program, which we ultimately agreed to. I was particularly impressed with the fact that he decided to purchase some of our duplex and single family lots for himself to add to his portfolio. This show of confidence in our project would help his sales efforts to his other clients, which is exactly what happened. Mitch successfully presold phase one of our project in a very short time period. As a result of my positive experience with Mitch in Fort St John, I called him for another large development we were considering in Dawson Creek - and once again Mitch delivered on sales of bare lots and organized construction on them for his clients. I continue to work with Mitch on both projects. Over the years, I have come to call Mitch a friend, and his expertise and knowledge coupled with his positive attitude make him a force in any type of market. What has impressed me most about Mitch is that he is genuine and honest. Many agents tell you what they think you want to hear! Mitch tells the truth, good or bad and will not compromise his integrity. This is the most important thing to me. I understand that Mitch has recently moved to to North Vancouver. He is rightfully expanding his career in different areas of BC. I have no doubt that his skill set and integrity will serve him well as well as his clients. I wish Mitch success in his new ventures and look forward to a continued friendship and mutually beneficial relationship. Zane Bouvette Managing Partner - FSJ North Point Developments Ltd Avonark Developments Ltd Aurora North Developments Ltd

Zane Bouvette - The Station FSJ Development

This will simply advise of my business relationship with Mitch Collins of Fort St John.

BC I met Mitch at a Real Estate Investment Network seminar during May, 2006 at which time he was looking for a dependable partner to provide venture capital for real estate investments. We came to a business arrangement, essentially on a hand shake and since then have purchased several properties. I can attest to Mitch’s honesty, integrity, work ethic and his ability to evaluate & understand the Real Estate business. Further, he has made a point of learning that which he needs to know and tapping in to the resources that are available to him. Since our first meeting in 2006 I am proud to call him my friend and have marveled at how he has shaped his career to now be able to offer his knowledge and expertise to his client base as a Real Estate agent. My wife and I wish Mitch, his wife Miranda and their daughter nothing but the best in all their endeavors.

Clint Stewart - Arbutus Ridge, BC

Mitch has been a real mentor for my wife and I.

We really appreciate the time and effort that he has given us in helping create our budding portfolio. He has helped us with some of the joint ventures we have done, as well as used his services to sell our house and purchase several rental properties. Mitch "gets it". He understands what we as investors are looking for in a property because he is an investor himself. He knows North Eastern BC Real Estate and we will happily continue to use his services in the future.

Evan and Jenifer Ziemer - Fort St John - REIN Members

I met Mitch in 2011 when he was invited to speak to a large audience at a Real Estate Investment Network in Vancouver, thousands of kilometers from his home.

He was a relatively new Realtor at the time, but his product and market knowledge were second to none. I decided to work with him, and to date we have successfully put over 120 deals in place with him. We started off buying up older homes and with his team – adding basement suites. Then Mitch called me with a plan to buy an apartment building, renovate it, and then resell it. We purchased 4 apartment buildings with Mitch, and renovated all of them with his team. We sold 2 of them and continue to hold the remaining 2 for cash flow to this day. In 2013, Mitch called with another idea – he asked me to joint venture with him on a land deal he was structuring. He put together house plans and contracted a builder and organized a joint venture for myself and a couple other lucky clients…since that call we have built over 35 brand new custom designed rental properties with Mitch, and continue to sold several of them for cash flow today. Regardless of what you’re looking for in the market, I would recommend Mitch to anyone. His personal experience and background simply cannot be matched, and he is an honest guy and makes the whole process fun!

Larry Moss - Northern Lights Investments Ltd

Mitch was referred to me by my brother Bernard - and I gave him a call to list a couple brand new houses I had built outside of Dawson Creek, BC.

Within short order, he had them sold and was looking for more! He ended up helping us design a couple suited houses which we built and he had sold before completion through his contacts. Not only did Mitch help us get the right touches into the property, he even sold them all personally. At the time, I was about to sell one of my commercial buildings, and thought I'd see if he was up for the task. In true fashion, he put a deal together himself and sold our commercial space. Then, he sold another commercial property for me in short order - once again with his own contacts. Mitch's experience and work ethic set him apart from every other real estate professional I've worked with. He is not only an 'agent', but he is a real estate investor personally and just gets it. I'd recommend him to anyone. Tom Steward

Tom Steward - T. Steward Sheet Metal Ltd. Dawson Creek

I've been a home inspector and builder in Dawson Creek BC for over 20 years, and I've sen lots of Realtors come and go over that time.

Mitch Collins is 'the guy' when I want a property sold. He has sold 10 properties for me in the past, and he was so good that I've referred him to anyone when I know they need a strong real estate agent. I’ve travelled to real estate investment network events with Mitch over the years, and his knowledge of both the market and all things real estate investment related are second to none. On top of that, he is a good guy and a friend and makes the whole process fun. If you’re in need of a good real estate professional for your team – look no further.

Bernie Steward - Dawson Creek BC

2010 and is the year that I began to turn around our rental properties and treat them like a business instead of a hobby.

During our real estate investing renewal my wife and I had the fortune of meeting Mitch Collins who immediately became a significant part of our real estate investment team as a coach and real estate agent all rolled into one. Knowledge is power and I don’t know of anyone more knowledgeable about the Fort St. John and Dawson Creek real estate market. Real Estate can be as hard or easy as you want to make it and Mitch has truly helped us through some of the difficult places.

Dale Merwin - Refine Property Solutions

I have been doing business with Mitch for about two years now and have purchased approximately 2 million dollars worth of rental properties with Mitch to date.

I have found Mitch to be very knowledgable about the local market as well as very professional in all of our business dealings. Mitch has been doing all of the property management on these properties as well and has done an excellent job of looking after not only the property but also the people involved as well. I would highly recommend anyone that is looking at real estate in the Fort St John area to use Mitch as your local resource - he will serve you well.

Brian Guenther - Pristine Developments

I have been working with Mitch Collins since 2009 and the level of his professionalism is top notch.

I have dealt with many realtors over the years and Mitch is by far the best realtor I have ever used. Not only is he competent, but he really understands the fundamentals of real estate investing. Because Mitch owns many of his own investment properties, he has a wealth of experience which he brings to the table. Many books state that to be successful you need to build a strong team and I am extremely grateful that Mitch is part of my team.

Ken Klughammer - Vancouver, BC - REIN Member

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